Fat Kee store by ‘Bruce Lee Bridge’ is closing down

bruce2The river-side Fat Kee Store, watering hole for hikers, runners and ramblers, will be closed by the time you read this.

The owner, Ah Sing, has been told by his landlord it’s all over. The store has been there since last century by the “Bruce Lee Bridge” over the stream running through Pak Tam Chung to the sea. It is about 500 yards beyond the country park barrier. 

The location is a magnet for Bruce Lee fans because it is the site of his last filmed fight. He performed for the cameras on the bridge days after finishing “Enter the Dragon” and just before his mysterious death.

The “Bruce Lee Bridge” at Pak Tam Chung also known as Fuk Hing Bridge

At the adjacent dai pai dong the ever-amiable Ah Sing has long served tea, noodles and beer literally in ice blocks to appreciative customers while playing — rare these days — music with actual melody.

Ah Sing couldn’t tell us where he is going or what is happening to the premises: “I don’t speak English.” He’s doubly in a bind because he lives there. In Cantonese after he was asked where he would go, he said, “See who will take me in.” James Wong, one of the founders of Friends of Sai Kung, said Fat Kee Store is definitely gone.

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