Drone pilot and cameraman Nick films tycoon series for TVB

Nick Foxall, a cameraman and drone pilot, shot this film around Three Fathoms Cove where he lives demonstrating what can be done with the latest DJI drone technology.
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“Tycoon Talk” currently airing on TVB Pearl has been filmed largely by Tseng Tau resident Nick Foxall. Nick is director of photography and senior editor for the eight-episode show, now in its second season. TVB commissioned the show, which profiles top Hong Kong businessmen, from independent production house Activis Media, owned by Sean Lee-Davis, the “Tycoon Talk” host. Business people profiled in the current series include private equity developer Goodwin Gaw, hotel magnate Aaron Harilela, style doyenne and restaurateur Bonnie Gokson, and playboy property developer Cecil Chao.
Nick with his wife, Josephine, and daughter, Hannah
Nick with his wife, Josephine, and daughter, Hannah

Nick said he used a drone to bring to the series shots that wouldn’t normally be possible under tight deadlines. Areas where the drone came in useful included a road cycling clip near Ting Kau Bridge, triathlon training in Repulse Bay, and sequences in Tai Tam with Cecil Chao’s yacht. The drone was also valuable for the episode on garment tycoon Henry Tan, filmed on the island of Guam, where Tan started business.

The drone Nick used is a four-rotor DJI Inspire 1, with a 12 mega-pixel camera, able to shoot video in 4K resolution up to 30 frames a second, as well as 12 mp still images. The Inspire has become the drone of choice for many filmmakers due to its excellent camera, rapid setup time, and flight stability, even in strong winds.

Nick is going through the process of getting licensed to operate drones for commercial purposes. He has passed the theory section of the UK-run BNUC-S course, and hopes to complete the flight examination soon. The BNUC-S qualification (where ‘S’ stands for small drones, under 7kg takeoff weight) is has been endorsed by the Civil Aviation Department.

When not tied up with major productions such as “Tycoon Talk” and earlier endangered wildlife series “Adventures to the Edge” (also for TVB), Nick is a freelance cameraman and director of photography, skilled in all aspects of digital film making and video production.

Most of his work comes, he said, from international organisations needing a cameraman in this part of the world, as well as from local clients. He’s done shoots for National Geographic Channel, the BBC, NRK Norway, Al Jazeera, and ABC Australia.

Nick holds an MFA in media design and technology from the City University of Hong Kong. If you want to hire a cameraman with a drone, Nick said it’s $8,000 a day.


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