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Letter to the Editor by Ken Lipofski

Okay Folks,

Let’s set the record straight on this episode, for all you Sai Kung Buzz readers. The publication reported in the last edition:

kenKen Lipofski: Wisconsin to Spain via Sai Kung

Ken Lipofski: Wisconsin to Spain via Sai Kung

“The Sandersons’ neighbour ken Lipofski got such a fright when he suddenly spotted the snake an arm’s length away, that he leapt vertically and when he came down injured himself. Ken left for Spain shortly afterwards.” Firstly, this cobra was a foot away from me (right shoulder) with head flared, hissing and growling. It was more than 9ft. He indeed gave me a fright and made me flip over myself tumbling down a slope. This caused the snake to give up hissing and growling and start chuckling.

I did not leave Sai Kung because of this snake.  We left the area because Sai Kung is not at all like it was.  We sold our Lung Mei flat at the right time. We bought a convenient and nice small house with a 100 sq metre garden and communal pool in Spain in 2014 for less than HK$2 million.  Sai Kung and the Government are incapable of handling the traffic that the new construction will cause.  The area is becoming over-populated and the infrastructure in town and villages can’t cope. Pollution is getting worse and worse. We like to ride our bicycles and Sai Kung is a very dangerous place to do that. Then there’s the idiotic law banning bike riding on Sai Sha Road on Sundays and public holidays. Here we ride daily, the air is clean, food is good, drink is very reasonable. It’s great. 

Buena Suerta Sai Kungers Adios!

Ken Lipofski

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