TikiTiki: teenage reviewers give new bowling bar mixed report

Our town's outstanding new entertainment facility, the Tikitiki, is a fun place for youngsters. SAI KUNG BUZZ asked three teenagers, Robbi Bradbeer, Siobhan O'Connor and Jake Skinner, to try it out and give us their impressions. They spotted fusion confusion.

tikitiki1The sign is lit, the doors are open, and word has it the long awaited bowling alley of Sai Kung, owned by Brad Gotfried, has finally opened to the public after many years of consideration!

The Tiki Tiki bowling alley/bar located on the fourth floor of Star Plaza opened on August 22. At the entrance, posses of straw-hatted African guards greet you with warm, friendly smiles.  And as you walk through the thick metal doors, you are immediately taken to a world of Tiki Tiki madness; tropical Polynesian with a splash of modern.

A dimly lit room creates a perfect atmosphere when lounging around the bar and outside area but does not mix too well when bowling with family and friends. And who needs just one bar when you can have two! Another located on the far right for those 18+ seeking for a more pub-like atmosphere also containing a stage available for local bands to perform. What’s even crazier is the food and drinks menu with prices as high as $72 for a pint of beer, $85 for a glass of wine and meals ranging between $150 and $200.

Actress Hatou Harriet Yeung at the Tikitiki

Iain Lafferty, our columnist, wrote how he was looking forward to taking the kids to the Tiki Tiki, somewhere safe for them and relaxing with a few beverages. We don’t know about Iain, but most people won’t be doing that so often.

“It’s a good time if you’re looking to go broke in the process,” says Jake Skinner.

It was a good thing we got the $520 for up to 8 people for an hour deal which included 4 drinks, and with two drinks, $410. A restaurant will also be opening soon in the Tiki Tiki but all remains a secret. “We are not allowed to do interviews.” Brad has been burned before.

The bowling alley, with its barely lit lanes, high ceiling television screens pumping classic tunes of the 1980s and low ceilings, we wonder if it’s more suited to be a bar/nightclub than a bowling alley. The sign outside the building, however, gave me the impression that it would be a retro type bowling alley. Are we seeing a bit of fusion confusion here?

“The atmosphere is suitable for all ages but the music videos are game-changingly distracting!” says Siobhan O’Connor.

“It looks like a brothel,” another visitor had said. With colourful flashing lights and the sound of Freddie Mercury playing in the background, I had almost forgotten I was in a Polynesian themed bowling alley.

Nevertheless, the staff are friendly and hospitable and the decor suited the Polynesian theme with the bar reflecting a Tiki style hut and the lights somewhat resembling Tahitian drums. Overall, our hour at the bowling alley was quite an enjoyable experience!

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