Sai Kung race challenge in December combines four sports

The main event on December 19: A little trot in the hills

“It was a riot,” Hann Kwok said of the latest sports challenge at Sha Ha beach. Sixty-seven teams of contestants paddled kayaks out to a floating hillock. With too many people on one side, it toppled over.  Nobody was hurt.

Now the group which calls themselves RunLightPaddle are organising another Sai Kung event to be held on December 19. If you want to take part you can choose between simply running or combining that with kayaking, biking and orienteering. Hann, an organiser, said RLP is non-profit, but they do charge, $250 for individuals who just run, $800 for teams running and kayaking, and $1000 for teams who go for the full catastrophe, running, biking, kayaking and orienteering.

You provide your own bike, but RLP will arrange kayaks, paddles and life-jackets.

The main event on December 19 is a gruelling 18km run from Pak Tam Chung through the country park hills to the finish north of Hoi Ha.The organiser is Terramar Ltd.  Terramar means land and sea in Spanish, Hann said.  Their sport challenges are designed to be fun, non-competitive and not to be taken too seriously.

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