Our boat harbour may be doomed; Tui Min Hoi reclamation planned

Sai Kung’s boat harbour today: Is it heading for history?

Marine investigation works slated for Sai Kung’s boat harbour suggest that it may be doomed, a businessman in the contracting sector says. The typhoon shelter and boat harbour may be moved out to sea.  More marine investigation works are going on out there. Breakwaters are to be built off a new reclamation next to the marine police base at Tui Min Hoi.

The businessman said our boat harbour may vanish into history. “Reclamation and construction projects normally follow marine site investigation works.”

boat2In an associated development, the sewage treatment plant near the marine police headquarters is to be shifted into the nearby hillside.  New technology allows sewage works to go underground because gases and smells can now be controlled.

This land, he believes, could also be sold to developers.  So too the land on the new reclamation adjacent to the marine police base. A breakwater will jut from it towards the northeast.  Beyond it another smaller breakwater will be built too.

The Marine Department has issued a notice to mariners informing them of the location of the reclamation works and giving details of the proposed construction of breakwaters. This means that the existing inner typhoon shelter could be filled in as the vessels currently moored there could be moved to the new typhoon shelter. It was reported a a few years ago that there was planning for reclamation of the inner shelter to allow construction of a 500-room hotel and parkland.

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