New rival kayak operator at Hoi Ha sparks tension; police intervene

Police were called to Hoi Ha recently after rowing between a long-term kayak operator and a new rival threatened violence. A resident became concerned about the escalating verbal abuse and dialed 999.

Fat, as he is known, has been renting kayaks to holiday makers for more than 10 years.  Residents say he runs a good operation, on site throughout the day monitoring people on the water.

Peaceful holidaying at Hoi Ha

The new operator returning from England in August bought about 100 new kayaks, “threatening Fat’s livelihood”, one observer said. The new kayak operation offers holiday makers packages including restaurant food and parking places.  He doesn’t watch over “ducklings” on the sea like his rival.

Police were called again after a 13-year-old girl was reported missing on a kayak. Would-be rescuers paddled out looking for her. She had exhausted herself kayaking as far as Tap Mun and was safe on land.

Hoi Ha is a fragmented village. It might be only Ho Chung in our district that matches it for high emotions and in-fighting.Some residents say kayaking is damaging the environment and something must be done.  Others say, rubbish.  Kayakers who stay on the surface, gliding by, do no damage at all.

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