Lurking in Lung Mei: 9ft King Cobra


A puppy the Sanderson family were fostering alerted them.  Something was wrong in the garden. The Sandersons went to investigate and found a nine-foot king cobra lurking among their plants.

The Lung Mei residents called the police. Linda Sanderson said the big snake was calm during the 40 minutes they waited for the officers, but it became agitated when they arrived noisily with flashing lights.

According to the University of Hong Kong’s bioscience department, king cobras are the world’s most dangerous snakes — because they can inject a lot of venom into you. The snake had been hanging around for days.  The Sandersons’ neighbour ken Lipofski got such a fright when he suddenly spotted the snake an arm’s length away, that he leapt vertically and when he came down injured himself.

Ken left for Spain shortly afterwards.

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