Takka Fusion: restaurant with winning concept needs to clean up its act

These dishes are $58 at Takka Fusion

What a shame to find one of the best value restaurants in Sai Kung is also one of the grubbiest. Takka Fusion, next to the Duke of York in Fuk Man Road, has a winning concept: big platters of sushi and sashimi at dirt-cheap prices.

Unfortunately there is too much of the dirt. On our table a sauce bowl was speckled with black, the milk jug was stained — not with age but with grime — and the coffee cup was the same. Go to the washroom and you see the wall is encrusted with gunge. You wonder what the kitchen is like.

This is sad because the restaurant appears otherwise to be very good.  It’s popular. Even on week days if you want a seat for lunch you had better get there before 12. After noon the staff were turning customers away.

With 32 seats in a narrow envelope, the Takka is squashed, but in Hong Kong nobody minds that if you are getting good food at low low prices. $58 buys you big trays of sushi or sashimi with salad and soup and generous helpings of rice.

The people of The Kung love a bargain, especially when it comes to food: Grilled salmon $48, beef tenderloin $68, jumbo prawns $88, fish cake $32, scallops $68, mixed tempura $58, salmon handroll $22.

The Takka Fusion has been serving Sai Kung for many years and long may it continue — providing the owners clean up its act.

— Roger Medcalf


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