Resurrection hopes to build own church but fears cost too high

Resurrection Church, now renting at Pak Sha Wan, expects to be offered land for its own new-build place of worship and community centre in about two months.

“We have been trying to get land from the Government for 15 years,” Chris Hanselman, head of the building development committee, said. “This is our last chance.”

Working with consultants, the church committee has submitted all data requested by the Home Affairs Bureau.  With the grant of land, the terms will come. “The consultants are telling us we’ll have to pay a premium,” Chris said.  “When we see the terms, we’ll negotiate.” In the past the Government would give land to worthwhile community services at peppercorn prices, but no more.  Chris fears the terms the HAB requires will be non-viable for a church.

Resurrection is seeking 4000 to 5000 sq metres of land and estimates the building cost at $70 to 80 million.  If the project seems viable once the terms are known, a community-wide fund-raising campaign will begin. “We should know early next year.”

Chris said plans cover an Anglican-style church with bible study room, kid’s play room and other community facilities.


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