One man, kayak and camera on quixotic quest filming 80 Sai Kung islands

Simon Wan, his tiny craft and 107 islands to visit
Simon Wan, his tiny craft and 107 islands to visit

Simon Wan Chi-chung launches himself on a quixotic quest this month in the cheapest kayak he could find. Simon will be photographing about 80 islands in Sai Kung waters from his tiny craft.

He plans to sell one photo, just one, of each island at $800 each. “Imagines (sic) that the artwork is not sold,” Simon writes, “that would lead to unsustainable in living.”

He has done this kind of thing before, hiking up every peak in Hong Kong filming his exploits.

Simon founded The Photocrafters in 2006 and now has a black-and-white darkroom and exhibition space in Sheung Wan. He says it’s non-profit-making.

Simon’s odyssey: He plans to film 107 islands from a tiny kayak and sell one photo of each

Now his aim is to make 107 photo-prints of 107 islands in Hong Kong waters. He says they will be “museum standard grade”. To shoot the islands he needed a floating conveyance so he bought the cheapest kayak he could find through the internet. It was “as far as my money can go”.

From late September to October 7, Simon will paddling out there in the waves in our waters.  He says, “I’ll do it all by myself. But if anyone would like to come along for part of the journey, they would be welcome. Come share the adventure.”

When SAI KUNG BUZZ told a marine police friend about Simon’s excursion, he said, “Novices in little boats are a recipe for disaster. We’ll keep a look-out for him.” Local boaties and yachties and pilots may wish to do likewise.

You can contact Simon through or 61365800 or

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