Non-profit group wants you to run and paddle in ‘outdoor heaven’

RunLightPaddle, a group of sports enthusiasts, staged a fun event in Sai Kung recently, describing our area as “literally outdoor heaven”.

Starting from Sha Ha Beach, competitors paddled kayaks seven kilometres and ran six kilometres on the islands.  On the water they climbed an inflatable floating hillock and slid down the other side into the sea.

Hann Kwok, one of the organisers, said RunLightPaddle is a non-profit outfit that arranges sports challenges that aren’t too serious.  “We just want to have fun creating events for others to enjoy.”

Their next event is on September 19 at Taipo. Called RunLightStand! it involves racing seven kilometres from Tai Mei Tuk across the Plover Cove dam.

In October, Hann said they will be co-organisers of the Hong Kong Rally Challenge, a much more serious event. It’s 24-kilometres of cross-country running in the Tai Tam country park.


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