Grey Heron comes visiting at Tai Chung Hau

heron.jpgSPOTTED IN TAI CHUNG HAU VILLAGE one Sunday recently and several times since, this grey heron (ardea cinerea) is a young one with less patterned plumage than an adult.   “Birds of China” says these creatures are widespread in rivers, lakes, coastlines and marshes on the southern coasts of China.  In winter they form large flocks as they migrate.   Our spotter regularly sees smaller white herons fishing in the brook through the village, but this is the first grey heron seen and it is clearly taller and larger than the white herons.   The brook also sees visits from kingfishers, moor hens, turtles and even snakes.  Back in 2009 a dog-sized tortoise walked through, was rescued and now lives happily in a garden in the Sai Kung Country Park.

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