Cowgirls ask residents to keep caring eye on our 800 cattle



Cowgirls Ell Tam, Karina O’Carroll and Carol Biddell ask residents to cast a caring eye over cattle they see and report any signs of illness. Screwworm (pictured in one of our cows) is a horrid disease.  The maggots of certain flies feed on the living tissue of the animals.

In the case photographed, the cow was sedated, trucked to an AFCD farm, treated by vets and she’s now fine, Karina said. The cow will be taken back to where she was found and the cowgirls will try to reunite her with her herd.

This is a horrid photo, run so you can see the kind of thing the cowgirls want you to look out for. The cow has been treated by vets and is now fine

If you see any ill cattle, call Ell (9815 7448) or Karina or Carol (9781 4703). Full details will help: Location, times, photos and tag numbers. They ask people to keep dogs under control, because of cattle being chased into traffic. The cowgirls estimate Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay have as many as 800 cattle.


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