YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP: Druids re-enacting Stonehenge at mysterious Sai Kung park

By Nathan Noodle

Sai Kung Druid Society has weird plans for our dragonboat memorial — right next to the police station!

Sai Kung Druid Society is planning a Stonehenge-style Mid-Autumn Festival to dispel myths preventing residents from entering the fabled “Marie Celeste Park’n’Playground”. The local Druids will be the first to enter the surreal park by the abandoned minibus station next to the police station since it opened last year. Eccentric descendants of the ancient Celtic priesthood chose the venue as a “symbolic equivalent” to England’s most famous ancient monument.

But local investigators of unexplained phenomenon fear they may be crossing a paranormal line.

The poignant memorial to immortal dragon boat racers and infamous fishing junk tragedies has remained deserted until now because it is believed to be sacred and possibly even supernatural. Alerting public concern are late-night reports from revelers of an ethereal, incandescent mist descending on full moons, enveloping the park in a ghostly blue haze. The behaviour of pet dogs when walked anywhere is also disconcerting – howling eerily and straining uncontrollably at their leashes.

Gullible believers in the paranormal say the spooky park is reminiscent of that never-ending TV series Lost – doomed to remain haunted for eternity. Some fear that by venturing there the Druids are tempting a terrible fate. “I just hope this doesn’t turn out like The Blair Witch Project,” said one.

But local Druid Chieftain Graylias Eckersblink, 98, said: “Balderdash and poppycock. We appreciate the park is mysterious, enigmatic and other-worldly. This is why we consider it a fitting local equivalent to Stonehenge for our prehistoric ceremony.

Strange behaviour is somewhat less than unusual at Fuk Man Garden

“But we are not expecting any severe sinister repercussions, and as devout, law abiding, peace-loving and extremely frugal Druids, we can assure the public we will not disrespect the solitude and sanctity of this holy sanctuary. However, we are advising our members not to park in the abandoned minibus station next to the venue. We’ve been warned that any vehicle parking there terminally stalls with catastrophic ignition failure. It’s basically a minibus graveyard and not covered by insurance because insurers refuse to compensate for existential mishaps.” 

Leading local authority on paranormal gliding and escapism Vinnie Christian, 43, is similarly skeptical about the Kafka-esque intrigue surrounding “Marie Celeste Park’n’Playground”. “If anything, this is just another simple case of the Sai Kung phenomenon of co-existing in another dimension of a parallel universe,” he said calmly. “I think everybody should just get over it.”

In any event, the Druid gathering, at midnight on the full moon of Mid-Autumn Festival, promises to be a unique opportunity for keen photographers.

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