Kim, owner of OneThirtyOne, welcomes back number one chef

Seaside restaurant where the stylish arrive by helicopter

OneThirtyOne owner Kim Chung

Kim Chung, owner of the seaside restaurant, OneThirtyOne, reports her favourite chef, Gary Cheuk, is returning.

After six years with Kim, Gary ventured off on his own.  “But now he is coming back, which I’m quite happy about,” she said. Gary is Swiss-trained and “really really good.”

Fifteen years old now, OneThirtyOne has an unusual waterfront location at Three Fathoms Cove.  It is in a deep red converted village house with lawns running down to the sea. Kim said the stylish arrive by helicopter. The fixed continental menu changes every month and you must make a reservation. Four-course lunches are $600 a head, six-course dinners $1200.

Kim, who was born in the UK but grew up in Hong Kong, was a fashion buyer before she turned to the restaurant business.  “This is my baby.”  Hong Kong’s high rents remain the perennial problem for restaurant operators, but Kim’s got that sorted:  The building belongs to her uncle.

Because of its location OneThirtyOne has become a favourite spot for weddings. One betrothed couple, Mandy and Bret, were there checking it out when SAI KUNG BUZZ visited.  Kim said wedding business is seasonal and November is already booked out. With indoor and outdoor seating, OneThirtyOne can handle parties of up to 40.

Kim Chung (right) with a betrothed couple, Mandy and Bret

You need to be famished to eat at OneThirtyOne.

Here is the current $1200 a head dinner menu:


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