Group that works to preserve Sai Kung’s beauty gathers at VRC

Why is membership so small when it is also so cheap?


Friends of Sai Kung held a gathering by the sea at Victoria Recreation Club. About half of the group’s approximately 70 members turned up. Chairman John Wright gave a brief address before the bunch tucked into Shaffi’s curry and beer and wine.

The fact that membership of the group which works for the betterment of Sai Kung is so small is astonishing. Few members are Chinese and FSK has attempted to raise their numbers from time to time. FSK’s Facebook page is active and a lot of good stuff appears.

Views on how to approach Sai Kung issues vary, inevitably. Key members, for example, oppose the widening of Hiram’s Highway; others think this is daft.  Members are unanimously opposed to over-development of Sai Kung. We all want Sai Kung’s quiet beauty preserved.

To be heard, join. $100 a year for young people, $50 if you are over 65.

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