Do we have a saint in making living among us?

remy1.jpgDo we have a saint in the making living among us?  Thanks to Geraldine Young, SAI KUNG BUZZ may have discovered one.

Sitting in Sai Kung Sacred Heart Church Geraldine chatted to the young lady beside her.  Remy Domingo has quite a tale to tell.

A domestic helper at Nam Wai, Remy devotes all her days off, when she is not in church, to visiting prisoners in five jails. The prisoners are all long-termers, doing about 25 years, behind bars at Shek Pik, Lowu, Ma Po Ping, Lai Chi Kok and Stanley. Remy visits 50, all drug traffickers, except for one a murderer. Thirty males and 10 females from Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Indonesia.  One woman drug smuggler is from Columbia.

We asked Remy, who has four children, why she does this: “It’s my passion. God is at work.  I am happy to do this.”


The convicts tell Remy what they need and she takes provisions to them, bread, shampoo, writing paper, pens, tissue, soap, toothpaste and shavers. She spends about $500 out of a domestic helper’s wage on these gifts each day she visits a prison.

remy3Every time she has a day off this is what she does.”I never run out of money, because God always provides. “Remy spends a full-day at each prison talking to seven inmates, half an hour each. Conversation is through glass by telephone. “I encourage them.  It’s part of God’s plan. There’s no need to lose faith.  Their time will come.”

She helps the prisoners correspond with their families, by scanning their letters and emailing.  She uses a local photoshop spending her own money. “It’s costly, but it’s OK,” Remy says, laughing.

She started doing prison missionary visits in Taiwan and has continued in Hong Kong, now for nearly five years.  Remy has no savings. “Everything I ask for God gives to me.  My kids are working in Macau.  My savings are up there.” She points to heaven. “That’s what I believe.”

If anyone would like to support Remy in her prison work, contact her at or through SAI KUNG BUZZ at

Remy says she is not the only Philippine domestic helper living in Sai Kung doing these prison visits. The others are Marletta Sayapen, Jonalin Martin and Linda Reyes.

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