Diver Simon Lorenz launches pool portraiture business

'Babies pose like absolute pros'


Sai Kung diving instructor Simon Lorenz has launched a business focused on pool portraiture. He said it may be the first in Hong Kong.  “I know of no-one else doing it.”

An instructor with Splash, Simon said he doesn’t do underwater portraiture in the sea. “The water is too murky.”  He works with models, parents, children and babies in private or club pools.

Underwater modelling is big business in Europe, the U.S. and Australia, Simon said, although it is not easy to get started. “The entry barriers are quite high.”  Expensive professional kit is needed.

Simon said babies make natural models. “Kids are fabulous. They pose like absolute pros.” He has found that between three months and 12 to 15 months babies have an auto breath-holding reflex.

“We charge more for adults because it is harder to get natural poses.”

He is taking an interest in underwater maternity photography. “In the womb a baby is suspended in fluid. So when a pregnant woman is underwater, mum and baby are in a similar state, bonding.”

Attractive effects can be captured of light rippling on skin.

Simon, a German who has lived in Sai Kung for seven years, has been developing his underwater-focused business for several months after finishing work as a marketing director. From his Sha Kok Mei home he is also selling underwater photographic equipment.

“To get professional results underwater you need SLR cameras. These require special housing for use at any depth.  Ours are made of aluminium and will protect the camera against the pressure down to 100 metres.” Simon said all his equipment, such as magnifying lenses and flash arms, is sourced from Europe.

See www.poolportrait.com

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