Champion Harry, 17, heads for Europe to race in long boarding events

110kph on a skateboard! Young Clarke says, "It's my sporting passion"

Sai Kung’s 17-year-old longboarding champion, Harry Clarke, is Europe bound to compete in four countries. He will race in Spain, Norway, Italy and the Czech Republic in the European section of the world tour.

“It’s my sporting passion,” says Harry, who lives at Wong Chuk Wan with parents Paul Clarke and Sue Perks. Why is Harry so good at longboarding — he is ranked second in the world based on consistently high placings in last year’s Euorpean tour? “I guess it’s because I practice a lot.”

Longboarders can attain speeds of 80kph, Harry says. That’s in Hong Kong; overseas they can get up to 110kph. They wear helmets specially designed for the sport as well as leather suits. The sport is not well organised in Hong Kong yet, but Harry says that with friends and other enthusiasts he is trying to set up an an organising body and more formalised events.

The KGV student says he has won most of the races in which he has competed in Hong Kong and recently came first in the Guangzhou longboard festival.


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