Career of Sai Kung's Helena C moves from catwalk to runway

Local lass made good looks beyond modelling to TV, films and Hollywood

Helena C has lived 18 years in Sai Kung at Lake View Villas and O Tau. She attended Clearwater Bay School and KGV.

Sai Kung’s home-grown model, Helena Chan, tells us her career has gone beyond the catwalk to the runway and is about to take off.

“It’s getting better and better,” Helena said.  “I am traveling all over Asia and have a lot of loyal clients.” She’s not just doing photographic and catwalk modelling–clients include Harper’s Bazaar, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci — but is moving into TV and films.  Soon she’ll be auditioning in Hollywood, Helena said.

She has spent 18 years of her life in Sai Kung.  Born in Sweden to Gunilla Rodstrom, now living in Sha Kok Mei, and Billy Chan, Helena came to Hong Kong when she was two. She studied at Clearwater Bay School and KGV.  With her mum, she had homes in O Tau and Lake View Villas. Now she is living in Aberdeen with her six-year boyfriend, Andrew Wright, a professional triathlete.

On Star World Helena has been host of a fashion show, Style Setter.  Now she freelances as a TV host interviewing artists, musicians and actors. “I am hoping to get my own TV show going,” she said, “working on a pitch.”  She has had approaches from talent managers in Los Angeles, but has yet to decide on which one. Rounds of auditioning in Hollywood will follow.

“I want to be more of a personality than a model, to become a role model, TV personality and actress,” Helena said. “I am having a lot of success.”

Aside from her work, Helena said her main interest is animals. “I’m an activist doing photoshoots promoting animal welfare.”

Helena’s career appears to be taking off:  She has hosted a TV show and appeared on “Asia’s Next Top Model” and soon will be auditioning in Hollywood

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