H4 hash is the oldest in Hong Kong; keeps up the traditional ways


THE HONG KONG HASH HOUSE HARRIERS run in Sai Kung.  Front row from left:  Rene Fraufenfelder, Pat Trainor, Kevin Crowe, Pat Carter, Nick Seymour, Ian Wootten (Grandmaster) Anthony Sandeen, James Ma. Back row from left:  Brian Malley, Beer Truck Driver, Stein Olsen, Gary Liu, Bus Driver, Tim Thane, Steve Perrett, Roger Medcalf, Patrick Twoomey, Paul Barton, New Guy, Mark Geary, Jack Mallee, Chunder Chan, John Cameron.

H4 is the oldest Hash in Hong Kong and it’s traditional, ie male only.

Runs are every Monday night starting at about 6pm and they can be anywhere in Hong Kong.  The Hash is a great leveller; everybody is equal. There’s no snobbishness as in so many other clubs.   If you go running in the bush every Monday night with the same bunch of blokes and drink beer with them afterwards and you do that for several years, they become the best friends you’ll ever have. “The Hash is far, far and away the best club I ever joined,” one Sai Kung member enthused after his seventh can of Carlsberg. The Star and Stripes are hanging there because it was the American national day run.

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