Woman critically injured in danger area for our children

Speeding minibus traps lady underneath. Hundreds of kids cross Wai Man Road every day. Tragedy will happen again, resident warns police

A 47-year-old woman is in critical condition in Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being hit by a minibus and trapped under it near the swimming pool.

Tseng Lang Shue resident Daniel Groshong filed a complaint at the police report room the same day, June 18.

“Most minibus drivers are good, but there are a few reckless ones,” Daniel said. “If people are speeding near a primary school there is big potential for disaster.” Daniel said his 10-year-old daughter attends the Lee Siu Yam Primary School.

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The accident happened on Wai Man Road near where minibuses going to Hang Hau, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong and Causeway Bay turn into their parking area.  “If you stand for just a few minutes watching that road you will see reckless drivers racing by.  It’s a fast road with absolutely no speed control.” Hundreds of children cross that road every day — to and from the primary school, the Academy, swimming pool, basketball courts and soccer pitches.  Daniel said another disaster will inevitably happen.  “If something is preventable, our obligation is to do something.”


He said he saw a boy, about 10,  wearing scout uniform, hit by a speeding taxi near the same spot a year or so ago. “The kid was flung three or four metres by the impact with the taxi.”  He got up with no visible sign of injury but may have been harmed internally.

Daniel said at the time of writing he had had no response from the Sai Kung police. He has visited the headmaster of Lee Siu Yam Primary School, Mr Ng, who also expressed concern for the safety of children on Wai Man Road.


The subject concern and worry are valid. Believe us, we share the same concern as much as anyone of you does.

Note that the location in question is not a Traffic Blackspot in the police definition. According to our record, there has been only one traffic accident involving a Public Light Bus (PLB) knocking down a pedestrian in the subject location which is the one that occurred on 2015-06-18 and the case is still under investigation by the Accident Investigation Team of the Kowloon East Regional Traffic Unit. However, one accident is certainly far too many. Police will focus on educating the motoring public and other road users, taking strategic enforcement actions and stepping up patrols in any problematic area with a view to preventing traffic accidents. We will also liaise with other Police traffic units and Transport Department to take parallel actions for the same objective.


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