Story on radiation danger excites interest: here are geiger counter sources

Some houses may be in areas of high radioactivity raising risk of cancers

Our story in the May edition headlined “Danger of Leukaemia: Residents Should Monitor Radiation” caused a lot of comment. Some doubted its credibility. Some said they had seen supporting evidence themselves. 

One person said it was a disguised ad for Oceanway Corporation. It wasn’t: Oceanway doesn’t sell radiation detectors.

The Hong Kong Observatory website’s radiation monitoring pages make interesting reading: Few cities monitor radiation, ambient and unusual, as closely as Hong Kong

For those who feel it may be wise to monitor radiation, here is a list of sources of detectors:

— AMERICA:  LND, Inc of New York makes a large range from simple battery-powered hand-held Geiger counters to industrial equipment for the nuclear, medical and environmental fields. The detectors measure the energy of particles, some also their momentum, spin and charge.

— CHINA:  The most sophisticated manufacturer of radiation detectors there is SKZ Industrial Co. of Shandong. Their devices range from US$150 to 2000.   They give radiation dosage and accumulation rates in one second.  Pre-set alarms go off in five seconds.

Another producer is OEM of Guangdong with prices from US$205 to 295. Cheap devices can be found on Alibaba and Taobao.

Typical inexpensive geiger counter

For background information look at the Hong Kong Observatory website and those of environmental protection agencies around the world. The EPA of the U.S. puts some numbers on the risks.

In any group of 10,000 people 2000 can be expected to die of cancer.  Exposure to small doses of radiation is likely to push the death rate up to 2005 to 2006 in 10,000, the American EPA says.

Radiation can also cause genetic mutation as the famous cases in Japan show.

Children can be born with smaller heads and brains, poorly formed eyes, slow growth and mental retardation. Statistical probability of this occurring is again at a low rate.

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