Kimberley: high-achieving UST lass wins fencing medal and study honours

Leader on the sports field and in classroom

Kimberley (second from right) with Hong Kong fencing team mates, Hui Lam Cheng, Po Heung Lin and Yan Wai Liu

Kimberley Vanessa Cheung has been named as nominee for sportswoman of the year at the University of Science and Technology after winning a fencing medal at the Asian Games.

A student of biomedical engineering, Kimberley won bronze in the fencing tournament at Incheon.  She is also a basketball star.

Kimberley Cheung with her Asian Games medal

“Fencing is about precision of your skills, concentration and emotional control,” Kimberley said.  “We have to think a few steps ahead of our opponent, identify weaknesses and take advantage of them.”

Still under 20, Kimberley is ranked as the best fencer in Hong Kong in her age group.  She’s second overall. She practices fencing 15 hours a week and travels to overseas competitions. Nevertheless she has managed to remain on the Dean’s List of the best students since joining the UST in 2012.

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