‘Edgy, wild, playful’ vicious venom adds dry bag range to bikinis

No 'girly girl' Kelly Chan takes on world of fashion

Sai Kung’s unforgettably named sportswear brand Vicious Venom is launching its first collection of dry bags this month, Founder Kelly Chan said.

Kelly lives at Kai Ham above Ho Chung with her husband of seven months, industrial designer Danny Fang. She does all design and prototype development herself and arranges manufacturing in Guangdong.

“The Venom girl is tough-sweet, edgy-natural, wild-calm, dark-playful and sexy-down to earth,” her website says.

Kelly was born in the year of the snake and likes the slithery creatures. “I am not a girly girl. I don’t wear dresses.” She and Danny got married at One-Thirty-One, so she wouldn’t have to wear a dress and Gizmo, their dog, could be in attendance.

Born in Hong Kong, Kelly was raised in Canada. She returned here in 2000 and worked for six years as a barrister. Then she quit the legal business, while still keeping her hand in teaching at Hong Kong University.  After meeting Danny, they moved to Sai Kung and Kelly brought out her first beachwear collection last year.

First photo of Kelly’s new collection

Every item in the 2015 collection is $350, bikini tops or bottoms. “You can mix and match.” All designs are reversible and the garments are made of neoprene, which clings like a wetsuit.

If you want to buy Vicious Venom beachwear your only choice is to shop online.  Phat Shack was the sole outlet here but owners Ben Casey and Lyndsey Cook have closed it.  Kelly says she is looking for local retailers while exporting to outlets in the U.S.

Her first collection of dry bags will come in two colour schemes, black and white or white with moss. Kelly said she designed many prototypes and is putting four styles of a wallet, clutch, backpack and hold-all into production.

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