The reader as reporter: Don’t go in this lift!

Many people have been trapped in town centre lift Dodgy facility at Wilson Parking has customers jumping up and down

Dozens of people have been trapped in the dodgy lift at Wilson Parking in the centre of town opposite McDonald’s. Still it goes on clanking and groaning and lurching… and grinding to a halt.

This from a woman on Facebook: “My one-year-old and I are stuck in an elevator in Wilson Parking across from Starbucks. Is anybody near there and can let me know if they are trying to get us out, nobody is answering the ring button.”

(SAI KUNG BUZZ asked Commander Alfred Tang at the fire station what they were doing about this unsatisfactory, even dangerous situation.  He said the matter has been referred to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.)

Don’t use this Sai Kung town centre lift, alert reader writes. Many people have been trapped

To my certain knowledge the said lift has been clanking and groaning and lurching… and grinding to a halt… for 15 years, ever since we moved here. The landlord of the Sai Kung Town Centre building won’t spend a cent on maintenance.  “Where’s the return,” we hear him say.

We asked the Chairman of the Sai Kung District Council, George Ng, what he thought of this sorry state of affairs. No answer.

Other Facebook postings about the now infamous lift:

“My friends and I have been stuck in that lift many times over the years. If you’ve lived in Sai Kung long enough, you will know not to get into that lift.”

“I was trapped there with my family.  It was the worst five minutes of my life.”

“Don’t want to scare you, but years ago my friend was stuck in that lift for 2–3 hrs and the firemen had to drop the lift down 1/2 a floor and she had to hold on for dear life.”

“I don’t use that carpark any more.”

“I got stuck once and the woman with me started jumping up and down as she said that is what you did.  After the third jump I was flattened against the back wall, white as a sheet and shaking.  Managed to shout at her, ‘If you don’t stop that trust me I am going to hit you’.  She took one look and decided trying to prise open the door was safer. “

“Imagine if a child went in it alone — an eight or nine year old might. “

— Fred Bradshaw

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