Tui Min Hoi Waterfront development: wedding hall? Maybe or maybe not

New building has interesting architecture that could turn out to be attractive

tiu1.jpg“The 1st Sai Kung Unique Project” — or so says the brochure — is rising conspicuously on the Tui Min Hoi waterfront. The billboard outside the site at Hong Kin Rd roundabout says it is going to be “Haven Banquet Pavilion”.

But will it really?  SAI KUNG BUZZ’s enquiries to the developer Choiceland Ltd got this response from Mr Chak Tsui:  “Wedding banquet is only in consideration. The landlord is looking for a tenant for the project.”

The design by Handi Architects Ltd envisages a modern low-rise structure with interesting angles and exterior finishes. Construction on a 1659 sq. metre site next to Costa Bello shows its emerging form. The ground floor will be for car parking and the first and second floors for dining and functions, according to the brochure. The complex is supposed to open late this year, Mr Chak said.

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