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Sai Kungers aprowl and alert are invited to contribute observations to this column

Inside Sai Kung’s library playroom (a gem in itself, and, of course, not actually in the library but across the other side of the same floor), my five-year-old son noticed a door ajar.

I followed James into a back room where we stumbled upon clandestine activity of the cooking kind. Seconds later, my son had been invited by the Chinese lady chef to join the half-a-dozen boys and girls with floured hands. Minutes later, I was eating up the pancakes James had fried up. Lovely!

— Paul Letters

Pik Uk Prison: Not many people know this – you can go there for lunch

Not many people know this:  You can go to Pik Uk Prison for lunch. Two friends who work at Razor Hill right by the forbidding facility, took me there recently. You bowl in past the guardhouse confidently, as if you know what you’re doing. Turn left.  And left again.  There’s the canteen, full of green-uniformed prison guards.

The food is basic stodge, but cheap as chips. Three main courses and three drinks:  $117.

Pik UK Prison is not one prison but two.  Not many people know this. One is officially “a correctional institution” called Pik Uk Prison.  It’s minimum security and houses 550
male “star class” adults. The other one is Pik Uk Correctional Institution, which is maximum security.  It can hold 385 males on remand and prisoners.

Hong Kong has the highest prisoner ratio per capita (163 per 100,000) in the region after Singapore, Thailand and Mongolia. 

— Jonathan Bailey

It’s astonishing to see the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department forbidding Action Asia bush running in the country parks. SAI KUNG BUZZ should reactivate Buron Watch (a buron is a cross between a bureaucrat and a moron.)

Athletics groups like Action Asia should look at the example of the Hash House Harriers.  Do they apply for permission to run around in the bush?

Don’t be daft.  Just do it.

— Fred Bradshaw

The Hive: Civilised place, but don’t tell anyone

Best kept secret in Sai Kung:  The attractiveness of the Hive business centre.  It’s hidden away in an old factory building not far from the Police Station.

I can’t think of any other public place in our district that is so quiet and civilised.  Pastel furniture, melodic music, willing staff.   Best it stays a secret.

—  Roger Medcalf

Kids’ cars and toys are left out 24/7 in our local park for all the village kids to enjoy. No one ever steals them. Love Hong Kong.

— Clare Benson

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