‘The King’ banned from playing Eagles by Nathan Noodles

Sorry apology for a rock band

LEGENDARY Sai Kung DJ Pete ‘The King’ King faces a lifetime ban against playing anything by The Eagles on his popular radio show ‘Midnight Mood Grooves Baby’. The prohibition is being considered ‘at top level’ by eminently sensible RTHK chiefs following a flood of protests. 

Tormented listeners complain that The Eagles “insult our intelligence as the most tedious middle-of-the-road band ever in the history of pop music”. “I must admit they have slid way downhill since Desperado,” conceded ‘The King’, 49. 

Radiopete: Has he lost it?

“I think they must have drawn the Queen of Diamonds, boy, because she’ll beat you if she’s able. But protesters should come to their senses.

“After all, Hotel California is a lovely place….and in the end you can check out, but you can never leave.” (Has he lost it? Ed.)

But his colleague, outspoken RTHK talk show presenter ‘Gorgeous’ Phil Whelan, 28, is all for the ban.

Gorgeous Phil: “I’d be tempted to run them over.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more banal, soul destroying, sniveling, sorry apology for a rock band,” blasted the former harmonica-player with the Hong Kong Phil-harmonica – an orchestra which was controversially named after him.

Chairman of the Sai Kung Eagles Appreciation Society, bottle-opener designer Ralfski Britske, 69, countered: “I’m German so I don’t really know anything about popular music. We’ve only ever had two international hits – 99 Red Balloons and Kraftwerk’s seminal Wir fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n auf der Autobahn, which meaningfully translates as ‘We are driving, driving, driving on the motorway’. But every German worships The Eagles for the purity of their blandness. And in any event I suspect this threat of a ban is just another tiresome English joke – which I don’t get because I don’t understand jokes.”

“If I saw them on a dark desert highway they would get a lot more than wind in their hair. I’d be sorely tempted to run them over.”

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