New World boasts Tai Po Tsai project is biggest converted from farm land

Multi-high-rise development totals 1.08 million sq ft gross floor area

New World Development Co. Ltd, who gave Sai Kung the “Golf and Tennis Academy”, tells us they have residential projects in our district totaling 2.35 million sq ft gross floor area.

The company’s latest annual report said the biggest project is on Clearwater Bay Road. This is the 1.08 million sq ft gfa multi-high-rise development at Tai Po Tsai.   “It’s monstrous,” said one local villager.

farm1.jpgNWD says it is “the largest residential development project in terms of floor area among all agricultural land conversion projects approved by the Government since fourth quarter 2010.”

Two other Sai Kung developments coming from NWD are at Sha Kok Mei (30,000 sq. ft gfa) and Sha Ha (922,582 sq ft gfa).

The “sporting” academy is 322,920 sq ft gfa.

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