Sailing for disabled charity raises $133,847 in one day

Costly operation at Hebe Haven has given 420 people fun and challenges at sea

Sailability, the Saikung-based charity, reports its crowd-funding day raised $133,847 on March 14. The yachting-for-the-disabled volunteer group is seeking $1 million in a 30-day campaign ending mid-April.

Operating at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club, the charity has given 420 people with mental or physical disabilities sailing experiences. Its efforts are costly, because the boats are specially equipped and professional instructors and safety crew are employed.

Following a successful trip to South Korea last year, where a Sailability team won a bronze medal, the charity’s sailors will compete internationally this year, too. In August a team will sail in the Open World Championships in Finland. In November and December, they will be in Melbourne at the IFDS World event.

Mike Rawbone and has wife started Sailability at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club six years ago.  It’s an international organisation run independently in each country. Here it is overseen by a committee of volunteers.

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