Sai Kung physiotherapist builds HK’s biggest chain

Raymond Tang attends a competitor at an Adventure Corps event

Physiotherapist Raymond Tang, a Sai Kung resident for 11 years, opened his 10th clinic last month.

Raymond’s company SKP Medical Group Ltd is now the largest physiotherapy chain in Hong Kong, he said. His Sai Kung clinic is on the waterfront, but will soon move to a location by the garages near the roundabout.

Physiotherapy is a regulated profession. Raymond said you can’t just walk in and get treatment for an injury or degenerative condition or whatever.  “What I can do is give you an assessment,” he said. “Then you have to go to a doctor to get a referral and come back to me for treatment.”

Only the Polytechnic University trains physiotherapists. After attaining an BSc. (Hons),physio3 Raymond went on to practice at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. There he met Kenny Yu, a co-founder of SKP Medical Group.”We are taking different roles as the group expands.” 

They opened their first clinic in 2007. Now the firm also has offices in Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tung Chung (two), Shekou, Dongguan and Guangzhou. The Central clinic is “our flagship, the most advanced with the most sophisticated equipment”.

SKP’s therapists use manual techniques to treat ailments such as tennis elbow, chronic back pain, degenerative knee and frozen shoulder. They also employ water, light and heat with laser and infrared equipment. All 20 physiotherapists in the clinics are acupuncturists.  “We don’t use acupuncture on its own, but with other treatments,” Raymond said.

physio2The clinic opened last month in Causeway Bay is SKP’s most advanced for treating children. “Kids go through milestones in their development,” he said. “If they get behind because of a weak back, arm, leg or whatever we will build them up.”  or



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