Publicity-shy riding school: horsey set quick with brush-off

horse1.jpgWhy is the Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre publicity-shy? At first when approached by SAI KUNG BUZZ it was, “Zis iz how you vill write za story”. When this didn’t work we got a curt “we are not interested”. 

horse2The riding school is a charming facility in the country park near Lobster Bay. Its founder and managing director Nicky Loiterton is admirable because creating such a centre in over-regulated Hong Kong is quite an accomplishment. (It wasn’t Nicky who gave us the above quotes. It was one of her General Managers.)

The centre is not as stand-offish as it may appear. Non-members are welcome. horse3You can book a child in taking advantage of one of many packages.

Four and five year olds, for example, will be given a 30-minute lesson with a horse and instructor for $550. “What a wonderful birthday present,” one mum said.

For youngsters of 12 and over a 12-week course of one-hour lessons is $10,500. Parties can be arranged such as a three-hour gymkhana — games on horseback — for $1000 per child.

The CEEC describes itself as “member-based equestrian centre” that is privately owned by Nicky, ie it’s not a club: it’s a business. The Lung Ha Wan Rd facility in the Clearwater Bay Country Park by the sea has 47 stables, jumping and pony arenas and paddocks. Life membership is $38,000 single and $58,000 a family. To buy a $105,000 debenture you have to go on a waiting list.

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