How to look 40 at 60: work at what you love

North Face of the Eiger: Stuart says it’s easy

One of the quiet heroes of Sai Kung is the mountain climber and trainer Stuart Leonard.

Stuart, who lives on the knoll near the country park barrier at Pak Tam Chung, modestly refuses to be interviewed. He admits to having climbed the North Face of the Eiger, which he says is easy, then clams up.

Mountaineering trainer Stuart Leonard

Research shows he’s a Mt Everest climber. Now he is on a tour of mountains, rock faces and hill hikes in Scotland, Norway and elsewhere.

Stuart says he 60 and looks 40. He’s a ultra-distance runner honoured by the Athletic Veterans of Hong Kong. A man who works at what he loves, Stuart does mountain training, including for the Hong Kong Adventure Corps. See his website 

He runs courses on the rock faces of the UK’s Snowdonia and the Lake District on climbing fundamentals, night navigation and the hazards of steep ground. They range from GBP295 to 380. 

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