EDITORIAL: New World, tear down those towers

The Sai Kung community is looking askance at the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy mainly because of the net towers. They are ugly. They mar the beauty of the Pak Kong area.

With apologies to Ronald Reagan deceased, we say to New World: Tear down those towers. They seem to be pointless, anyway.  Why would a self-respecting golfer want to whack balls at a net?  She or he can go to Kau Sai Chau and play on beautiful greens by the sea.

The people of Sai Kung and CWB will likely embrace the academy if it turns out to be a genuine sports centre and not a disguised property development. We are told there are eight tennis courts and instructors will be available.  Good.

There are many options for sports facilities that residents and visitors would appreciate and which would not require ghastly erections sticking up into the sky. Badminton, one example, is popular.  Lawn bowls for older people: what a charming addition to the Sai Kung community such a club could be!  Everyone will have an idea. But will the fat cats listen?

New World, tear down those towers.

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