Clearwater Bay club fits out ‘Golf Spike Bar’

peter2.jpgThe structure of Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club’s new restaurant has been completed and fitting out will begin, Peter Downie, General Manager and Director of Golf, said.

General Manager Peter Downie

To be known as Horizons, the 120-seat restaurant on top of the golf clubhouse will have all glass walls and views of Clearwater Bay and the Ninepins. A “golf spike bar”–meaning golfers will be allowed to walk around in playing shoes — Horizons should open in June, Peter said.

In October Clearwater Bay Golf Club will host the biggest event in its history. “It was quite a coup,” Peter said. “We won the right to stage the Asia Pacific Amateur Championship for Men.”  It will be the first time the six-year-old tournament has come to Hong Kong.  Over four days 120 of the best golfers from every country in the region will compete against each other.  The winner will qualify to play in the 2016 Masters’ at Agusta.

Peter said about 450 million people worldwide will watch the Clearwater Bay championship on the golf channel. Club Director of Agronomy Darry Koster has teams of workers upgrading the tees, fairways and greens ready for the big event.

A new F&B Director is being sought following the loss of Nicholas Knight, a long-time Sai Kung resident, who died of a heart attack in his sleep on New Year’s Eve. Nicholas was only 52. Peter expects the new man to be in place looking after all three clubhouses by April.

Peter is relatively new as head of the entire club. Previously he was Director of Golf for six years, before taking over as General Manager of Singapore’s Sentosa Golf Club. After he had been there nine months the Clearwater Bay club President approached him, offering the top job.


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