Psyche Chong, Sai Kung’s undiscovered artist

Young lawyer shows precocious talent after technical training by Art Centre's Marco Szeto

Psyche Chong, lawyer with precocious painting talent

Psyche Chong, a corporate legal adviser who has lived in Sai Kung for six years, has emerged as a gifted artist with precocious speed. She held her first exhibition a year after starting to paint.

The night demonstrators attacked Government headquarters Psyche painted a Hong Kong version of The Scream the same evening, she said. She adapted Edvard Munch’s famous work so the background to the tortured soul is the Hong Kong skyline in stormy gloom.

How did Psyche who lives in O Tau get such an unusual name?  “I chose it myself when I was at college.”  Psyche comes from the Greek word for life. She was born in Hong Kong as Chong Wing Sze.

Psyche began painting “to express my feelings” after splitting up with a boyfriend in 2007.  One of her first oils on canvas is called “Grief”. Dark blue fading into grays and blacks and a white wraith floating alone.

Psyche says she has been trained from the beginning in 2007 by the Arts Centre’s Marco Szeto. “He’s my master.  I owe my technical skills to him.”  Marco, a 30-year art teacher, has a studio in Sheung Wan and you can find his works on the internet. After exhibiting her paintings several times at the Culture Club and Arts Centre, Psyche would like to exhibit in Sai Kung. None of her canvases has been put on the market.  “I never really thought about selling.”

Her art can be seen on Facebook and she’s at

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