Pak Kong’s mysterious ‘Golf and Tennis academy

Outside New World Development, nobody knows, but everybody's got a theory

Officially, according to New World Development, it is the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy. But what is it really?  Is it a sport facility?  Is it a residential development?

Pak Sha Wan Golf and Tennis Academy will have tennis courts, golf-driving range and a clubhouse residents can use, but has upset many because of the ugliness of its net towers. Photo credits: Instructor Ken Lau

Call the sales staff at NWD you get one story.  Approach the PR agency handling the development you get another.  Ask real estate agents in the community, it’s nudge nudge wink wink.

Telephoned at the New World head office by SAI KUNG BUZZ, a lady who said she was a sales executive (we shan’t name her for obvious reasons) told us: “If you watch our website you will see the price lists for the apartments in the new year.

The Academy is projected to open towards the end of 2015.  The costs of using the eight tennis courts and golf driving range will be published soon too.”

New World is at best uncooperative, at worst secretive. No information was officially forthcoming.

An executive at NWD’s PR agency Edelman was smart and appeared to be trying to help. But PR agencies can report only what clients authorise. Finally months later from the lady executive we got this approved by NWD: “We provide overnight accommodation with approximately 100 keys to give learners a perfect place to focus on the game with little distraction.” Translation: It’s not a property development.

Real estate agents in Sai Kung nod knowingly.  One lady who didn’t want to be named said a landscaping firm had been engaged to plan land development “for when it no longer has to pretend it’s a sports academy.”

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