O Tau Monty dies

Python inhabited the village environs for years

Newer residents may not be aware that attacks on dogs by pythons occur almost every year in warm weather

Monty is dead.  The Burmese python who lurked for years in the jungle of the O Tau village valley off Sai Sha Road is gone.

A developer who acquired land on the other side of the stream from the new village has a construction crew at work on a big site. Unhappy villagers are wondering how many houses will be built there. How will the little winding road handle the traffic, they ask.

The last place Monty was seen is on the edge of this site near the new house. A resident saw a few feet of his body, as thick as your thigh, in the undergrowth.


Mechanical diggers forced Monty out of his habitat. He tried to cross the road…

Pythons are scary, but it’s still sad.

Dog lovers have been known to wrestle pythons off their dogs
One of Monty’s relatives

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