Church that says it is not a church but wants to be one

New Zealander Rev. Peter Hurricks, head of Resurrection Church

The Resurrection Church has applied for Government land in Sai Kung on which to build its own church, according Rev. Peter Hurricks.

Opinion among the Church committee and congregation about whether this is a good idea varies, however: some saying a new church costing many millions would be a community asset. Others say a Christian organisation should stay simple and humble.

Resurrection Church now operates out of rented premises in the Pak Sha Wan business centre. Pastor Peter, a New Zealander, says “it is not a religious institution. We have no formal structure. We’re part of the Anglican Church, but only loosely. Most of us are not Anglicans.” 

Services are usually musical throughout with the singing led by a band of congregation members

Services are held every Sunday at 10am. They are “contemporary in style” with modern Christian music played live throughout by a band of congregation members. About 120 people usually attend. “They are a disparate bunch of businessmen and women and professionals, some of whom are doing remarkable things”. One example: Ms Cheung Siew Mei who runs Christian Action, the multi-million-dollar group doing “big stuff in China”. 

Pastor Peter says, “Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if they have different beliefs or no belief.” His own job is “a bit like a fireman.  If people need help, I’ll be there.” Charity work is a church focus. Notably recent fund-raising to rebuild homes for Philippine families hit by the typhoon.

Resurrection Church held its annual service for pets a few weeks ago. “We recognise the part animals play in family life.” Members brought along 17 dogs, two cats, a hamster and a white rat. The pets were brought to the front and blessed by the Pastor. The dogs appeared appreciative, but the cats, rat and hamster weren’t bothered one way or the other.

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