No waste reduction or recycling planned at Dragon Boat Festival – why?

Letter to the Editor, from Carol Ho


Dear BUZZ Editor
In Sai Kung Town, flags are everywhere to remind us of the yearly Tuen Ng Festival Race. On 18 June at the Dragon Boat Festival, around 5,000 glass bottle drinks will be consumed.
“Mind Your Waste” is an environmental concern group which promotes green action reducing negative impact on the environment. In past years, they have promoted collection of recyclables at big events, such as CNY fair, Stanley Dragon Boat Race and food fairs in different districts.
Last Wednesday the group contacted Sai Kung Community Centre, the secretariat of the local Dragon Boat Race, about recycling management. The reply was “No”. The organiser has no thought of recycling or waste reduction and said they cannot help due to inadequate staff.
They told us the same reason when we invited them to support our monthly recycle day in Sai Kung Town. Sai Kung No Waste More, Friends of Sai Kung and Vision Sai Kung are glad to support the “Mind Your Waste” initiative.
“Mind Your Waste” sent emails to Sai Kung Community Centre, Sai Kung District Council and Environmental Protection Department about the green concerns last Friday for further action. Let’s wait and see.
Carol Ho

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