Dancing girls, child drummers, celebrity model and family fun as Tikitiki Bowling Bar launches first Japan-themed show

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christy chan
Christy Chan appears on 21 July

Tikitiki Bowling Bar, the world-class cluster of nightclub, bars and restaurants in Sai Kung, will host its first Japanese-themed events from Saturday, 2 June. “Tokyo Boogie Nights” features a Japanese model and actress, child drummers from Japanese International School, dancing girls, a six-musician live band, games and magic show for kids and all the sushi and sushimi you can eat and all the sake martinis you can drink.

This is not a retouched artist’s impression. This is the real thing. Tikitiki Bowling Bar looks just like this — if you haven’t already been there. It is a world-class cluster of nightclub, bars and restaurants on the fourth floor of Centro, Sai Kung

Here are some of the highlights:

Japanese celebrity, model and actress Linah Matsuoka:  At the first show on 2 June, Ms Matsuokoa will attend with her bodyguard joining guests for dinner in the Beach Bums and Cannibals Restaurant and playing games with the children.

Linah Matsuokoa Photo: Linah’s instagram

Nanashi-zu Japanese live band: This six-piece group will perform gigs during the Tokyo Boogie Nights party.

Taiko drumming by about 10 children: These youngsters from the Japanese International School have been practising hard for the big event. They appeared on 2 and 16 June.

taiko kids
Taiko drummers

Boogie Dance Girls: This is the Tikitiki’s in-house troupe of dancing girls who will stomp and gyrate to 1980s Japanese pop songs.  They wear school-girl-style outfits with mini-skirts.

Boogie Dance Trio

Games, workshops and magic show for kids: These are interactive games and workshops for kids hosted by Tikitiki instructor Joyce Chan.  In “Mochi Game” Joyce will get the kids practising the ancient art of hammering dough, “Tousenkyou” is a fan toss battle game and “Daruma Drop” is a balance challenging exercise. Magician Don Wong, a Tikitiki staff member, will present a magic show with surprising new props.

All the Tokyo-style food you can eat and cocktails you can drink and still stand up: Chef Peter Lim will supervise a Japanese buffet with a tempting spread including roast beef sushi, tempuras, eel fried rice, mochi ice cream and matcha tiramisu. Hong Kong cocktail champion Ken Lam will teach interested guests how to make the perfect Lychee Sake Martini. Guests will be invited to concoct their own mixes and the best will become a feature on the Tikitiki menu.

ken lam
Ken Lam

Karaoke contest: Master of Ceremonies Andy Cheung will lead a karaoke contest involving all guests who want to join in. The winner will be presented with a gift box of sake.

Win a holiday in Tokyo:  Everyone who attends the Tokyo Boogie Night party and enjoys the buffet as well as bowling will have a chance to win a three-day holiday in Tokyo flying with Cathay Pacific.

Enjoying all this cuisine, cocktails and entertainment will cost adults $299 and children $99. Book at reservations@urban-ent.com. If you plan to bowl as well state “SAIKUNGBUZZ100″and you will get a $100 discount on your bowling lane.

Tokyo Boogie Nights start early – 4:00 pm – so families can come with their kids – and run until 10:00 pm. The Japanese-themed parties will be held for four Saturdays, 21 and 28 July.  For more information also see www.tikitiki.hk

Tikitiki Bowling Bar is on the fourth floor, Centro, 1A Chui Tong Rd, Sai Kung.

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