Rumble in the Kung(le) – update

Police divers search for evidence that might have been thrown into the harbour                             All photos:

There have been a number of developments on the triad rumble last Thursday night which we reported in BUZZ last Friday.  Four men were subsequently arrested and charged with attempted wounding. Police frogmen searched the harbour area for evidence most of Friday.
The case against the four arrested initially was brought to Kwun Tong Magistracy early this week. Two of the defendants were absent due to injury and the other two defendants did not need to plead. The case was adjourned and will be heard again next month pending further investigation by the police.

The four defendants were Yuen Lam Wei (21 years old), Chan Ka Sing (24 years old), Chan Yi Tsung (27 years old) and Choi Ji Ho (30 years old). Choi stated he was a construction worker, the other three were reported as unemployed. The four  were charged with illegal and malicious harm to Huang Jun Yan outside the Seafood Restaurant, causing him to be seriously injured. Both Chan Yi Tsung and Choi, who were in the court, were released on bail of $100,000 for the time being. The case was adjourned until 26 June pending investigation.
Subsequently, the total number arrested has now risen to 11. The triad groups involved were from East Kowloon and were the Wo On Lok  @ Shui Fong triad, led by “Fei Wai” (the partygoers) and the Wo Shing Wo (the attackers). Wo On Lok, also known as Shui Fong (Water Room), is one of the city’s most active triad societies and was founded by a group of workers in a soft drink factory in Sham Shui Po more than seven decades ago. The gang split into two groups several years ago due to an internal conflict. One of the parties is headed by Fei Wai and fellow triad leader Sam Chuen.
BUZZ hopes to bring more news on the incident and its aftermath as it becomes available.

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