Revised plans for development of old Shaw Brothers Studio building announced

shaw new 2
The revised master layout plan

The Town Planning Board yesterday announced a public consultation on the revised plans for the old Shaw Brothers Studio administration. The developers, Clear Water Bay Land Company Ltd, Double One Ltd & Coastline International Ltd, have previously applied obtained approved master layout plans (“MLPs”) firstly in 2006 and then with minor amendments in 2008, 2010 and 2014 to implement the approved redevelopment.  But heritage conservation did not form part of the development requirement for the redevelopment of the Site.
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The site off Clearwater Bay Road

In 2015 the Antiquities Advisory Board accorded the entire Shaw Studio Compound a Grade 1 status with separate gradings for each individual building, attributed to its contribution to the success of the film industry in Hong Kong resulting from its systematic and efficient film production. In response to that, the developers took the initiative to further amend the Master Layout Plan approved in 2014. The current plan aims for a balanced solution to conserve representative buildings/structures/elements with historical significance for the public to commemorate the glory of Shaw movies without compromising the development potential of the Shaw Studio Site. Under the Revised MLP, the iconic former Shaw Administration Building, Film Store and Dubbing will be conserved in-situ and converted into a commercial facility with gallery/heritage display area.
shaw new 3
Comparison of landscaping for old scheme (left) and new scheme (right)

The public could have access to the conserved buildings during business hours. In addition, three dormitory blocks, where some well-known film stars and directors used to live, and the Guard House, will be conserved as a whole to pay respect to its original accommodation function. Selected facades/features from Sound Stage 1, Colour Laboratory, Production Department and Shaw Villa will be conserved to  commemorate the different components along the production line of the film making process and film studio function.
shaw new 4
Comparison of current approved scheme from 2014 and the new proposal

The updated plan calls for a site coverage of not more than 35%, with 749 residential units, a 183 room hotel, 134 room block for community/social housing (mainly elderly sheltered accommodation), 957 car park spaces, 23 motorbike parking spaces, and one bus parking space.
Full details of the application can be found at Comments should be made before 8 June 2018.

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