Bloody gang fight near boat harbour leads to stabbing of victim and arrest of four triads

Police remove an injured man from the sampan after he jumped into the water to escape                   All photos:

A bloody gang fight near Shing Kee seafood restaurant by the Sai Kung boat harbour last night (24 May) left one triad member in hospital with beef knife wounds and four men believed to be triads under arrest. Acting Chief Inspector Michael Lai, operations chief at Sai Kung station, told this to SAI KUNG BUZZ today.

Michael, a tall, fit police officer who’s 36, had been up most of the night dealing with the incident, one of the most serious in Sai Kung for decades. Two triad gangs from Kowloon West clashed. One gang’s big boss held a birthday party for 20 to 30 people at the Shing Kee, partly owned by District Council chairman George Ng. At about 11:30 pm the party left the restaurant and went to the car-park with the turnaround area by Lakeside Gardens. “Three vehicles arrived with five or six assailants in them. They started to assault the party people with beef knives”.

Three officers from Sai Kung police station patrolling near the fish market rushed to the scene after receiving a call. “When they arrived they found a few assailants were being attacked by the party group. One assailant beaten by fists sat on the roadside”. Another assailant deciding they had taken on two much opposition jumped into the sea. He swam some distance before being pulled out of the water by ambulance officers.

A black BMW had been driven away by a culprit, who returned to try to help his fellow triads. He crashed the car at a roundabout. Birthday party attendees dragged him out of the vehicle. A police car from Sai Kung station also arrived at this moment. The BMW driver and a passenger were arrested. Two other men were arrested including the swimmer.

As Michael told the story to BUZZ in the station — he should have been tired, but didn’t look it — the assailants had brought three vehicles.  One car was trapped by birthday partygoers who wedged it between two vehicles. The third car was later found by Sai Kung police at Pak Sha Wan.
We asked Michael where the arrested men are now. He pointed downstairs. Two were in custody in cells at the police station. The other two were in hospital with lacerations and abrasions to the face, eyes, back and leg. The victim wounded with a beef knife was in hospital with cuts to the leg and arm. Michael said his condition is not serious and he is conscious. Because just one person was stabbed, the police could not rule out that it might be a targeted attack on that individual. The case is now taken over by the Kowloon East Regional Anti-triad Unit, who is investigating the motive.
Michael said he came back to work at midnight. No innocent people were involved. “The best thing is that the two parties do not belong to Sai Kung.
They just came here for the birthday dinner”.

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