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Headline Daily are reporting – in Chinese – a fracas last night on the Mong Kok Rocket. The online translation of the current story amused us – hence we are printing that below for your edification. The link to the original is referenced, as well as a link to the original online video.
It is normal for people to have three emergencies while riding. Many people will rush to get out of the car to find a toilet. A short video posted on the Internet, referring to a passenger suspected to be a drunk public light bus, asked to get off the toilet and took the driver in a rough mouth. The two men spat early and the driver stopped the passenger after he stopped at a petrol station. With two fists, netizens were discussed.
A passenger uploaded a short video on Facebook, saying that Sai Kung went to Mong Kok to meet a drunk passenger. When he went to Kowloon City, he said, “A drunken person asked a driver to go to the toilet.”

The footage was initially full of gunpowder smell. The suspected drunken passenger questioned the driver: “You speak old and smelly x.” The driver immediately counterattacked and “the family microphone must facilitate your urination.” The passengers could not bear to refer to “I love you.” The sound is good to speak with you…” Not waiting for the passengers to finish the driver’s plug and click “Hey, he’s good and he’s OK, I know I got it first, and I’ll pack you to go to the toilet and urinate. “.”
The driver indicated to the passengers that he did not know where there was a toilet, and he said, “The embarrassment caused the pardoner to swear.” The passenger immediately froze the rough driver. The driver refused to show his weakness and said “I’ll get out of the car and hit you” and then asked if the passenger should get off. However, the passengers said, “The family was falling,” and the driver then asked him where he got off and drove.
During the drive, the two continued to engage in a war of words. The driver pointed out that “the car buried you and went to the petrol station and it was home,” and the passenger immediately asked, “There is a toilet in the bathroom, and it will be easy for you to beat me.” The driver said “Stalker”. The passenger slammed into the driver again and the driver couldn’t help but counterattack. “You’re so eager to put it down as fast as you can. You immediately lower you and you and your family play boo.”
When the driver stops at the petrol station, he instructs the passenger to have a toilet at the petrol station. He then opens the door and disembarks. When the passenger is ready to get off the driver, he sees the driver get off the bus and then confronts the driver. The driver then pulls him out of the car and flicks the passenger off. Fist, one of which was boxing in the head, the driver slipped off. When he was about to get on the train, the passenger wanted to recover the driver and was later separated by a black passenger on the bus. The passenger was also used in Chinese and English to explode. The passenger then asked “Are you concerned” and then The driver shut the door and drove.
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