15 speed racers arrested in police clampdown on Sai Sha Road

Photo: Headline Daily

Over the past few nights the Police Traffic Division launched a crackdown on illegal racing and speeding in the Ma On Shan and Tai Po area, called “Torch Relay”. 70 drivers were issued speeding tickets, 15 along Sai Sha Road.
Photo: Headline Daily

This was in response to complaints from residents of Ma On Shan during the Lunar New Year Festival that illegal motor racing in the middle of the night along Sai Sha Road and Ma On Shan was taking place. Officers set up a road block along Sai Sha Road, and they intercepted a total of 15 speeding private cars, as well as stopping five private cars that were suspected of being improperly modified, including three sports cars, all of which were towed away for further examination.

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