Debbie does it again: Another injured dog rescued – updated

The injured dog

Debbie Chow, the saintly animal rescuer, has located an injured dog at Pak Lap. Earlier Catherine Lumsden of Catherine’s Puppies reported on Sai Kung Lost Found Injured Animals Facebook page that a dog had been hit by a taxi outside Pets Central. “I didn’t see it, but apparently it has run off at full tilt.”
Debbie with friend

Debbie found the animal and took it to the SPCA clinic for treatment. She runs Home Dog Home, a society that specialises in rescuing animals in distress. Like others of her ilk, saints of the Sai Kung animal world (in no particular order Catherine, Narelle Pamuk, Carol Biddell, Karina O’Carroll, Emily Allington, David Roche) Debbie battles to cope with veterinary and other bills constantly.
If you want to support her here’s the bank account details: Chow Mun Yee HSBC 055 355580 292

CORRECTION: We are advised these incidents involve different dogs. The one hit by a taxi on Yi Chun St, according to Catherine Lumsden and Carol Biddell, has not been seen since the accident. People are asked to keep an eye out for it in case it is injured and needs treatment. If you see it and it does, contact the Facebook page Sai Kung Lost Found Injured Animals.

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