The Buzz Fuzz report – 16 October 2017

Our weekly police crime alert for Sai Kung

poi hong street
Poi Hong Street Photo: Brian Yu/Google

There was a burglary in Sai Kung Town between 10:30 am and 7:00 pm on 10 October, when a 2-storey village house on Sai Kung Hoi Pong Street was broken into. The culprit ransacked the house and made off with some jewellery, electronic devices and cash, worth around $27,000. The burglar prised open a 1st floor window to gain entry.
At 4:30 pm on 6 October a suspicions male was spotted by police on the hillside of Pak Kong Village and fled immediately. The suspect was aged 30-30. medium build and naked upper body with black shorts. Some property belonging to recent burglary cases were found at the scene.
The police revisited the same scene at 9:50 am the following day, where they swept the area and spotted four suspicious males who immediately fled uphill. One of them was 40-50 years old with short hair, and wearing a blue T-shirt and light colour trousers. Two rucksacks containing more property associated with the recent burglary cases were also found.
And now some good news about that stolen property retrieved from the successful operations mentioned above, and others that preceded them.  The owners  who have filed a burglary report with police for property identification have been contacted, and the property identified.
Meanwhile, some properties remained unidentified. The police would like to appeal to the residents in Sai Kung to contact them if your premises were burgled whilst no report was made to police yet; or you have lost properties which resemble the description of the aforementioned stolen properties. Officers of Regional Crime Unit Team 2 Kowloon East can be reached at 52706294/27266294/27266295.

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